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That's really all commercial property managers and building owners want to know when they are considering leasing to a new tenant.

Sure, there are other questions such as: Is this company growing or downsizing? How long have they been in business? Have they been involved in any lawsuits? Is the owner hiding something about himself in his past? Are they doing anything they shouldn't be doing out of this office? Will they do a midnight move? And on and on......

In today's world, it is way too risky to just "trust your gut" when leasing commercial office space. Companies are easily started and folded. It's easy for business owners to hide behind DBA's, LLC's, Partnerships, Out of State Corporations and a multitude of other tricks all designed to keep creditors or landlords from knowing with whom they are doing business.

Our commercial tenant screening reports are designed to give you a current snapshot of the company and its' principal(s) before you commit your capital to a custom build out or waste your resources negotiating a lease with them.

Some of the more common components that are typically included in our commercial tenant screening reports are:

  • Experian Business Reports
  • Lexis Nexis Reports
  • Business Instant ID with Fraud Defender
  • Business Name Search and Verification
    Corporation Filings
    National UCC Filings
    Dun & Bradstreet Report Data
    Delaware Corporations Search National and International Media References
    Civil Litigation Histories
    Criminal Litigation Histories

  • Identification and Verification of Real Property
    Office of Foreign Assets Control List
    Global Search (search of 17 terrorist or debarred parties databases)
    SEC and NASD Sanction Disciplinary Action Search
    Internet Domains
    Personal Criminal Record Histories
    Personal Credit Report Histories
    Personal Sex Offender Status

We'll be happy to visit with you to find out what is important to you and determine what components you would like for your reports to contain. Then, we will provide you with a few options of reports at various price points so you can decide what is the most appropriate way to screen your applicant.



Report Your Broken Leases To Experian

Equifax & TransUnion

As a value added service, we offer you the ability to report a broken lease to the credit report of your applicant.


Collect Your Broken Leases With Our Collection Team

We have partnered with a national collection agency to assist in collecting the past due amounts that may be due to you as a result of a broken lease or from propoerty damage.


Contact our sales team with questions.

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